Freitag, 12. Oktober 2012


You don't know how excited I am to show you these pictures. To me it is the best one we have ever made because we finally discovered the perfect picture angle that doesn’t make me look like a dwarf like I did on the pictures before. The solution is that Joël who is actually 1.92 metres nearly have to sit on the ground to shoot me from position. I also tried out some new pose such as jumping around like a rubber ball but I really think the picture looks funny. It absolutely expresses my feeling of that day.

It was the last Saturday and we had no idea what to do that weekend. I hate it having no plans and just hanging around. But what I knew for sure was that I wanted to shoot a new post. I also knew that the Circus Monti was in Zurich these days and because we both haven’t been at a Circus since we were children, we decided to see the show. Till the show we spent our time in Rapperswil. On the next post about Joël I’ll tell you what we did in Rapperswil you will be amazed I promise!!! But so far: We had a great day funny and carefree and the show on the evening was just like in our childhood.

Top: H&M for € 10
Skirt: H&M for € 20
Glasses: H&M for € 10
Bag: for € 25
Necklace&Earrings: Bijoux Brigitte both for € 15
Coat: H&M for CHF 150
Shoes: H&M for CHF 40
Tights: Avant Premiere for CHF 15
Make up: Guerlain for € 50

Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012


The October has begun and it is definitively cold again. While walking through Frauenfeld and taking these pictures we dangled because of the icy temperatures. Although it was over 10° we have been freezing all day. What do you think about this cold and grey weather? What do you do on such an ice cold day? For sure it is nice to hang around the half or even the whole day in bed but it's not really productive, is it?

For that reason we searched our winter clothes in the very back corner of our closets and went for the shooting. Because we went shopping the day before, Joël was wearing nearly all from H&M. Except his watch from Calvin Klein which you know from the ZARA MAN post and his Fred Perry flight bag. Shoes are as far as I know from K1x. I hope I'll be able to load up the pictures of my winter outfit today, otherwise you will see it in the next few days on my blog. But now enjoy the pictures...