This if Face your Fancy by Delaia. Delaia - that's me. I am currently setting up this Site since I feel like I want to. I used to run this website as a blog some years ago. The blog was mainly focused on fashion which it is not any more. After a wile and due to personal circumstances I couldn't run it any more. Since then about three years passed by.

Now I am 25 and definitively chanced during the last three years. I just come back to this site, which I tend to not call a blog. I will start again, not the same, something different. I missed writing about my thoughts and many about what I experience during my workdays or on weekend. But I think the main reason why I start again is because I am about to change lots of my life in the near future and I want to have some kind of diary to remember myself on these days and of course to have some company while making this  I have missed it and it took me a while to realize what exactly I want to present and stand for.

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