Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012


What comes in your mind if you think about Christmas? Snow? Christmas tree? Gifts? Sweets and Candy is definitely the first I think of. (You all know I die for sweets). That's why I wore this sweet as candy look for the third Sunday in Advent. I have been waiting so long to wear this pink jumper because I have a kind of a crazy rule that I never wear a garment before I could make a post about it for the Blog. 


Was ist das Erste was euch in den Sinn kommt, wenn ihr Weihnachten hört? Schnee? Weihnachtsbaum? Geschenke? Süsse Leckereien sind definitiv das Erste an was ich denke. Deshalb habe ich am dritten Adventssonntag diesen supersüssen Look getragen. Ich habe so lange gewartet bis ich endlich diesen pinken Pullover anziehen konnte, denn ich habe so eine komische Angewohnheit, dass ich Kleidungsstücke nicht anziehen möchte bevor ich sie für den Blog fotografiert habe.

My Sweet Candy Look: 
Jumper: H&M for € 20.-
Blouse: H&M for € 10.-
Jeans: Tally Weijl for € 30.-
Heels: for € 25.-
Jewelry: all from H&M

About my Sweet Candy Look: 
You may recognise this jumper because it is from the Lana del Ray for H&M collection. It is already few weeks old but as I said I never wear anything before having a post about it. As you can see it is the same blouse as I have worn last week because I really love to wear it under a sweeter. The lace and the collar have a whiff of elegance and it gives some additional warmness on winter days. 

Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012


Last Sunday was a cloudy and cold day. Fortunately we had in-house program: We were invited by friends and family to eat raclett. For those who don't know it, it’s a traditional Swiss cheese dish. So therefore i was wearing my new bordeaux brogues from asos and the suede leather bag from H&M. I have eaten that much that I could have explode because of the whole cheese. We had a very comfy day and in the end I nearly exploded because I have eaten so much cheese. That would have been a huge mess ;)


Letzten Sonntag war ein kalter und bewölkter Tag. Zum Glück hatten wir ein gemütliches Programm: Wir waren eingeladen bei Freunden und Familien um zusammen Raclette zu essen. Eine Gelegenheit meine neuen bordeaux farbenen Budapester von asos anzuziehen. Ich habe so viel gegessen, dass ich hätte platzen können von all dem ganzen Käse. Das wär eine riesen Sauerei gewesen ;)

My Bordeaux to Go Outfit:
Jeans shirt: H&M for € 25.-
Faux Fur Vest: H&M for € 30.-
Necklace: H&M for € 10.-
5 Pocket Jeans: H&M for € 20.-
Shoes: for € 45.-
Bag: H&M for € 20.-

About the Look: 
I can tell you I stood about 20 minutes in front of my closet and didn't know what to wear for a Sunday dinner like that. So first I decided on my new shoes which I wanted to wear since I have ordered them. Because I love the Jeans Shirt and the Faux Fur Vest I just match them with my neutrally coloured jeans and I was done. Sometimes you just have to choose one piece you definitely want to wear and then create your outfit around it. Within minutes your are done!

Samstag, 15. Dezember 2012


Yesterday we both had some freetime because Joël could leave earlier from military service. So we spend the day at home and in the evening we went to see "The Hobbit" at cinema. Actually on the pictures it is just 4 o'clock but it was already very dark outside. Thats why they are too exposed, but I hope you like them anyway!


Gestern hatten wir etwas Freizeit, weil Joël früher aus dem Militär kommen konnte. Den Tag genossen wir also zuhause und am Abend gingen wir ins Kino um "The Hobbit" anzuschauen. Eigentlich war es erst vier Uhr auf den Bildern, aber es war schon sehr dunkel draussen, deshalb sind die Bilder leider etwas zu stark belichtet. Ich hoffe sie gefallen euch trotzdem! 

My loveyl Lime Outfit: 
Pullover: Vero Moda for € 30.-
Blouse: H&M for € 15.-
Trousers: ZARA for € 30.-
Ankleboots: Deichmann for € 30.-
Earrings: H&M for € 10.-

About the Look: 
I just have to say I love this pullover! I love the colour, the size and the fit. It is so cool to trousers or to a skirt and best for winter. Even it has 3/4 sleeve you never get cold and it looks so great with a colar or a blouse under it. The Ankleboots were the first shoes Joël ever bought me, so something special to me!

Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012


Last week I was wearing exactly this look for school and it reminded me on the shooting that my lovely friend Sherin made one year ago. It was one of my first shooting I made with the idea - or let’s say the huge wish - in mind of having my on fashion blog. Sherin made such a great job and she captured so many beautiful pictured but I have chosen the best ones. Of course now it is too cold to wear such an airy and light outfit because we have minus 10 degrees this week in Switzerland. But as I said last week I was able to wear it and I once again received so many compliments, that I thought I have to show you these pictures even though they are more than a year old.


Letzte Woche habe ich genau dieses Outfit für die Schule getragen. Es hat mich an das Shooting erinnert, dass meine gute Freundin Sherin vor einem Jahr machte. Es war eines meiner ersten Shootings mit der Idee oder sagen wir dem riesigen Wunsch von einem eigenen Mode Blog. Sherin hat wirklich einen tollen job gemacht und es gab so viele schöne Bilder, aber ich habe mich für die Besten entschieden. Natürlich ist es nun zu kalt in der Schweiz um solch ein lustiges und leichtes Outfit zu tragen, denn wir haben minus 10 Grad. Aber wie gesagt, trug ich diesen Look letzte Woche und habe wieder so viele Komplimente bekommen dass ich dachte, ich muss euch die Bilder zeigen, obwohl es schon über ein Jahr alt ist. 

My Autumn Rush Outfit: 
Dress: H&M for € 25.-
Bag: New Yorker for € 20.-
Faux Fur: H&M for € 15.-
Clogs: Deichmann for € 30.-
Glasses: Tally Weijl for € 10.-
Ring: Bijoux Brititte for € 12.-

About the Outfit: 
As you can see, about a year ago I had many pieces from Tally Weijl and New Yorker, but nowadays I really love to spend some more money to have good quality and good feeling products. Yes, you may think now, that most of my clothes are from H&M but even there I mind to buy good materials and well-fitting products. And I have just started to rebuy all things I have lost because of the fire and in Switzerland it is so hard to find cool labels which are affordable. Earlier I was much more a kind of a bargain hunter and I preferred to have 10 pieces for 5 Euro than 2 good quality products for 30 Euro. So I think that is a progress that most of young women experience. The same story is about make up but I want to talk about that in a separate post. Back to the outfit: I love to combine the mustard dress with the bramble coloured thighs and lip gloss. All in one I think it is a very successful look. Even autumn makes fun in such a look!