Dienstag, 11. September 2012


Last sunday Joël and I went for a one day trip on the "Blumeninsel Mainau" near Konstanz. It was one of the last shinny day in Switzerland and we wanted to go there for weeks. So we decided to take the chance to do our first fashion shooting for the blog. Actually we wanted to lern to photograph with a reflex camera but because my mom needed it, we had to take our digicam. And you may all know that taking pictures with a digicam isn't as much fun and easy as with a reflex camera,  but I really have to compliment Joël, I think he did his job very well. 

For that special occasion I decided to wear my new orange chiffon dress which I've bought at the summersale a few weeks ago. Together with the petrol earrings and the city bag in the same colour, the outfit was perfect for this colourful and all over flower island. Besides the millions of flowers, Mainau is also known for its butterfly hous. There are hunderets of them in a tropical hall where you can walk through and see all these beautyful creatures.

 Todays Outfit:
Dress: H&M sale for € 10
Earrings: H&M for € 10
Shoes: New Look for £ 30
Leatherbag: from an italian Market for € 70
Sunglasses: souvenir form Grand Canaria

In the end of the day we enjoyed a delicious chateaubriand at the restaurant Schwedenschenk on the island. Just a perfect day!

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