Donnerstag, 15. November 2012


I guess after one more month of Face Your Fancy it is time to do another post about my Instagram pictures. There was so much going on this month and I'm so sorry I can't post so many fashion pictures because as you all know my house was burned and most of my clothes had to be depolluted. Furthermore I am alone now because Joël is in military service as I also have menntioned 100 times and I am sure I will menntion it 200 times more. And so no one can take pictures of my outfits... But I do what I can and I am always so happy to finish a new post and hear what you all think about it. 

Now I really hope next month will come back kind of normality and I hope I can find a way to show you all of my new Styles I have to buy now. 

And just remember: Face your Fancy every day!

Love, Delaia 

Ich denke nach einem weiteren Monat von Face Your Fancy wird es Zeit wieder einmal eine Instagram Post zu schreiben. Es war so viel los diesen Monat, es kommt mir so vor als sei nichts mehr wie vorher. Leider konnte ich nicht so viele Modepost machen, da fast all meine Kleider und Schuhe entsorgt werden mussten nach dem Hausbrand. Und, wie ihr bestimmt alle schon wisst, ist Joël nun im Militärdienst und kann so keine Fotos von mir machen. Aber ich tue was ich kann und freue mich jedes Mal wenn ich einen neuen Post veröffentlichen kann und eure Meinungen dazu hören kann. 

Nun hoffe ich, dass im nächsten Monat wieder ein wenig die Normalität zurückkehrt und ich einen Weg finde, euch meine neu gekauften Kleider zu zeigen.

A little present from my lovely friend Michéle which is in San Diego now for 7 months.
After a student party, Sherin and me walking home and having fun.

Once again dessert at the Karma in Konstanz drinking a Singha Beer.

Driving home by train after a long day at school and comming across this beautiful sky.

Got the Fifthy Shades Darker from my friend, thanks Laura!
My post taupeness. It seemd like you liked it :)

Special creation: Panna cotta with mango and cocos chips.
After a while, a post about menswear.

Exotic fruit snack during the Madagascar 3 movie.
I recieved a beautiful rose from Joël, i was so surprised and touched! Absolutly love this man <3

We love pesto from Barilla!
My first bubble tea ever, have you ever tried? I was surprised from the first bubble.

My new coat I have bought at Vero Moda.
Me working alone on a saturday morning, preparing the new online shop.

Me ready for a birthday dinner with my girls.
Fiji Water, extra imported for a case study.

Hot chocolate cake with cocos ice cream.
A healthy dinner prepared from my love!

First snow this year already in October!
My best friends during boring economics lessions.

Hahaha yes we love to have a drink in the evening, or a Sangria in holidays

Come home stresst after school I do cooking!

Cleaning all my jewelry.
Me ready for the party!!

The beautiful home we could live in for 2 weeks after the fire at home.
You all might already know it but I adore it to cook and bake.

A healthy dinner: curd with fruits and nuts.
We all love the summer drink 2012: HUGO! Do you know it?

My sisters 23rd birthday on 1 November. I made a huge cake for all her friends.
Last breakfast on sunday before Joël had to start his military service... miss him so much!

Me getting once more ready for dinner.
My new YSL powder which is absolutley the best I ever had.

We have seen tha all inclusive Show from Kaya Yanar in Bern. It was a perfect event!

My post about a day in Bern which you guys really liked if I see the clicks, thank to all of you for vitising!
My barcelets i was wearing that day, love the colour combination.

 A chocolate bomb for breakfast, yummy!
Heading to the new James Bond movie Skyfall with my new leather gloves and my ladies hat.

My love is back from military but only for few hours :(
For that occasion a made him his favorite cake: cake au citron.

A cosy evening with some swiss fondue.
Yes we defenitifley love good wine, especially red wine! Do you guys prefere red or white wine?

Heading to my honey for a evening out of military.
I love to do pizza by my own I always overload it with thousend of things.

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  1. hoi delaia
    schön wiederemol fo dir z köre und zgseh:) freut mich jedesmol, wenn ich wieder mini langi liste fo blogs düregoh, wenn wieder öpis neus postet worde isch^^ hesch uf jede fall mega schöni neui kleider kauft, die womer bis jetzt es bizeli gseh het! was machsch du eigentlich brueflich?

    ganz liebs grüessli
    sara piljic

  2. schöni fotis :)!