Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012


Last Sunday was a cloudy and cold day. Fortunately we had in-house program: We were invited by friends and family to eat raclett. For those who don't know it, it’s a traditional Swiss cheese dish. So therefore i was wearing my new bordeaux brogues from asos and the suede leather bag from H&M. I have eaten that much that I could have explode because of the whole cheese. We had a very comfy day and in the end I nearly exploded because I have eaten so much cheese. That would have been a huge mess ;)


Letzten Sonntag war ein kalter und bewölkter Tag. Zum Glück hatten wir ein gemütliches Programm: Wir waren eingeladen bei Freunden und Familien um zusammen Raclette zu essen. Eine Gelegenheit meine neuen bordeaux farbenen Budapester von asos anzuziehen. Ich habe so viel gegessen, dass ich hätte platzen können von all dem ganzen Käse. Das wär eine riesen Sauerei gewesen ;)

My Bordeaux to Go Outfit:
Jeans shirt: H&M for € 25.-
Faux Fur Vest: H&M for € 30.-
Necklace: H&M for € 10.-
5 Pocket Jeans: H&M for € 20.-
Shoes: Asos.de for € 45.-
Bag: H&M for € 20.-

About the Look: 
I can tell you I stood about 20 minutes in front of my closet and didn't know what to wear for a Sunday dinner like that. So first I decided on my new shoes which I wanted to wear since I have ordered them. Because I love the Jeans Shirt and the Faux Fur Vest I just match them with my neutrally coloured jeans and I was done. Sometimes you just have to choose one piece you definitely want to wear and then create your outfit around it. Within minutes your are done!

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